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About Nirvana International Spa

Escape to The Nirvana International Spa in Bangalore. Experience the best spa Service in Bangalore. Let us take you away from the routine of everyday life into a beautiful, calm, relaxed atmosphere where you can experience soft music, inviting aromas & friendly faces to welcome & embrace you. Our caring, highly skilled professional staff is dedicated for enhancement of your wellbeing. So, treat yourself or your loved one to our wonderful personalized services & let our journey begin!

The Nirvana International Spa

At the Nirvana International Spa, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality professional products, offering an outstanding range of beauty treatments from massage treatments and enhancements to luxury day spa pamper packages. The Nirvana International Spa is designed to deliver a sense of well being and indulgence, The Nirvana offers a serene and luxurious environment making it the perfect place to escape today's hectic lifestyles. Senses will be invigorated, the body relaxed, and the mind lifted into a state of peaceful euphoria.

For those of you who have never indulged in one of our extraordinary spa treatments, we extend our warm invitation to come and rejuvenate! The Nirvana International Spa is about learning to live, enjoy and appreciate every moment, and in doing so, it will unleash to help you in creating a personal path to health and wellness. The focus of our wellness programs is firmly on balancing as well as rejuvenating the Mind, Body and Spirit. We are dedicated in working towards your total life enrichment through the introduction of new experiences and the restoration of balance. Our therapies focus on relaxation and de-stressing, general well-being, fitness and anti-aging.

We offer a range of spa and massage services to pamper your skin and body and to provide therapeutic benefits including:

  • Pain relief for aching muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Firming of the skin
  • Stress release
  • Relaxation for mind and body

We offer various massage therapies, body scrubs, body wraps, foot massages and other beauty treatments including relief for headaches, shoulder as well as upper and lower back tension, joint and soft tissue injuries, insomnia and anxiety. The Nirvana International Spa operates the highest standard of spa treatments to generate a sublime feeling of well-being.